I began my WEIGHT-LOSS WAR ten days ago, and I've only lost four pounds. I cheated yesterday and gained a pound! Arrrgh! That'll teach me to eat a Mexican sope. And chips and salsa. And a piece of cornbread... Sheesh.
     I usually have one day where I absolutely lose my self-control and just carb out. Unfortunately for me, that's what my body loves the most. It's more of a love to hate. Or hate to love. Whatever. All I know is I have 50 pounds to lose, and it looks like it's going to be a slow row to hoe. 
   So here we go. I will limit my dairy and meat, and try, TRY, to cut out carbs altogether. I will allow myself the occasional brown rice, and if I happen to make sweets, I get two bites and the rest will be given away!

     As for supplements and the like, here will be my regimen:  
          --- Oil Pulling - something I recently discovered that helps me wake up and detox. And I received a compliment, after doing 
             it only four times, that my teeth were whiter and prettier!
          --- Acidophilus, the potent stuff. Because everybody needs a healthy colon.
          --- A daily dose of powdered greens, including alfalfa and kelp. It looks like pond scum, but it doesn't taste bad, and it's   
               great for energy and as a raw food source.
          --- Kombucha: a fermented drink that contains a great source of probiotics. The more, the better. I make my own at home, 
             so cost is soooo affordable!
          --- A drink of fresh vegetable juices, namely, carrot, celery, green apple or pear, lime and a bit of ginger, because I like    
            things SPICY! :D

Aside from that, I get vegetables and meat. It's a good thing I'm creative, because that could get pretty boring PRETTY fast. 
Ugh. Now I'm bored. 
     Anywho, the purpose of this page is to document my story. I think it'll keep me motivated. Here goes!

03/02/2012 6:46pm

Love the egg plant idea! Want to carb out? Eat all the breads you want the night before you go for a nice long walk/run. I've been training for a marathon and carbs are an important part of feeding the body energy!

03/03/2012 11:00am

Nice site! Thanks so much for the eggplant recipe! Can't wait to give it a try.

08/27/2012 3:17pm

Hello mate, great blog.


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