Yesterday, I got a request for a treat that you can take along with you while you're out and about... The following recipe is actually a recipe for a "diet bread". My suggestion: take the recipe to the grocery store with you. There are probably a lot of ingredients in this that you don't normally keep in your kitchen. BUT! It's a huge recipe, and the end result lasts forever. You can even freeze it. 
I've also included the actual diet that is suggested to go along with this bread.


Hunza Diet Bread is a delicious, dense, chewy bread that's very nutritious and is almost impervious to spoilage. The following recipe makes a huge batch of approximately 60 (sixty) 2 inch squares, high in protein, vitamins and minerals. 
Keeps weeks at room temperature, even longer in the fridge and indefinitely in the freezer. The recipe for this wonderful bread is as follows: -

* 4 cups of water 
* 3.5 (three & one half) to 4 pounds of natural buckwheat or millet flour 
* 1.5 (one & one half) cups of canola oil 
* 1.5 (one & one half) cups of natural unrefined sugar 
* 16 ounces of honey 
* 16 ounces of molasses 
* 4 ounces of powdered soya milk (half cup) 
* 1 teaspoon sea salt 
* 1 teaspoon cinnamon 
* 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 
* 2 teaspoons baking powder (non aluminium)

Hunza Diet Bread has a taste that is very satisfying and chewy all on its own, but you may also add if required, apricots, raisins, chopped walnuts, almonds, sliced dates to the above ingredients. Mix ingredients. Grease and lightly flour cooking pan(s). Ideally use baking trays with about 1 inch high sides. Pour batter in pan(s) half an inch thick over the base. Bake at about 300 degrees farenheit (150 C.) for 1 hour. After cooking, dry the bread in the oven for two (2) hours at a very low heat - 90 degrees farenheit (50 C). After it is cooled, tip out and cut into approx 2 inch x 2 inch squares. Store it wrapped in cloth in a container. 
You may need to repeat the baking depending on the size of your baking pan, and oven, until all the mixture has been used. 

Hunza Diet Bread is made from natural buckwheat or millet flour. It is rich in phosphorous, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese and other minerals, as nothing has been destroyed in the preparation from the wheat. Thus it contains the essential nourishment of the grain. This is why you must ONLY use natural buckwheat or millet flour to make your own Hunza Diet Bread..... Good luck and good health .. bon appetite :-) 
Suggestions to lose weight with HUNZA DIET BREAD
 There are many ways to do it. Here are some typical plans. Each piece of bread is thinly spread with butter for a total of approximately 100 calories. 
Plan A: Eat 1 piece every 5 hours of the 16 hours you're awake. That's 3 pieces which total 300 calories. This is the fastest way to lose weight I know of. It works faster than any high protein diet. Why? You have more energy and burn more calories. Second, the high fiber bread keeps your digestive system regular. Third, your body stays healthy. A healthy body means a properly functioning metabolic system. 
Plan B: Really gorge yourself with the bread. Two pieces every four hours for a total of 8 pieces but only 800 calories. You'll feel full all day. In fact, I doubt many people could eat this much of the bread. 
Plan C: Eat a piece in the morning for breakfast and a piece 3 hours before your dinner and you will eat a great deal less. 
Plan D: Eat a piece of HUNZA DIET BREAD, 10 minutes before you eat your regular meal. When we do this we eat only a fraction, such as 1/4 of what we would normally eat. If we wait longer than 10 minutes we don't want to eat at all. 
Plan E: Eat the bread at the end of meals that don't fill you up enough, such as low calorie meals. This is a perfect way to use the bread. You eat a low calorie meal, enjoy it, then eat a piece or two of bread to fill you up. Perfect! No suffering and no urge to snack. 
Plan F: Alternate Plan A, B, C, D. We recommend an alternation of the plans, but some people who just want to get the weight off as soon as possible will use Plan A exclusively.

In that coastal Nicaraguan town, certain things were unattainable, that being a third-world country. So it was such a delight when I found peanut butter in one of the local stores. Doggone it, I was going to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in this country if it killed me!
But there's so much more to do with peanut butter: cookies, for one. I had found a recipe for Grilled Chicken Satay, being not so sure of it. It was my first foray into cooking Thai food. But when my friends came over that night, they oohed and ahhed over every bite...

TIP: I like to double the peanut mixture. Use half for coating, half for dipping.
TOO: I didn't have a grill down in Nicaragua, so I baked  my chicken in the peanut mix. Still tasted great.

1/4 cup peanut butter
3 tbsp lime juice
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 1/2 finely chopped fresh ginger
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp crushed hot red pepper
1 pound thinly sliced chicken breast cutlets, cut lengthwise into  
     2" wide strips

   Prepare a moderately hot fire in a charcoal or gas grill. Ina shallow dish, whisk peanut butter with lime juice, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, cumin, and red pepper until well blended. Dip chicken in mix, turning to coat evenly. Thread chicken onto skewers and let stand 5 minutes.
   Grill skewers, turning once or twice, until chicken is lightly browned outside and white in center, 4-6 minutes total. (I adapted it for the oven...)
   Serves 4 as a meal, 6 as an appetizer.
   For dinner, I served this with a curried rice: rice, curry powder, cinnamon, garlic...

   I had never done fish tacos, but figured, how hard could it really be? It's just fish, instead of chicken...
   A lot of you, much like my husband, can't imagine FISH in a taco. Ick. Who wants a taco that tastes like FISH? Here's the trick: don't use a "fishy" fish. Use a mild-tasting one. Even better, this is a quick and too-simple way to do it!


About 4 filets of tilapia or other mild, white fish
1 fresh jalapeno, seeded and diced
1 medium white or yellow onion, diced
2-3 cloves garlic, diced
about a tbsp cumin
1 tsp red pepper flakes (or ground)
salt and pepper to taste
juice of 2-3 fresh limes
two handfuls cilantro, chopped
corn tortillas

   Arrange tilapia on a baking sheet and bake at 350 until done, about 15 mins. I like to drizzle olive oil and a little salt and pepper before baking. 
   While baking the fish, sautee onion and pepper in a little olive oil over medium to med-high heat. After the mixture softens, add garlic and spices. Be sure not to burn the garlic. Brown a little longer to allow spices to incorporate into onions and pepper. 
   By now your fish should be ready. Pop all of it into the pan with the onion mix and break it up into flakes. Make sure everything is well mixed. Now add lime juice and cilantro and cook a little longer to wilt the cilantro.
   Serve on tostadas or pan-warmed corn tortillas with sour cream and Sriracha hot sauce and a great beer!

One variation I may try soon: add tomatillos and avocado...
Ooooh, this was so good... Let's see if I can recount how much of each ingredient I put in this winter winner of a dish. 
Buying, or rather, cooking seafood can sometimes be a challenge. "What the heck do I make with this?" Unless I have a planned recipe, this is usually the question I find myself asking...
So I invented this:


10 pieces bacon, fried and crumbled
pkg of fettuccine noodles
about a pound of sea scallops (the ones I found were fairly small)
1 stick of butter, sliced into thin pats
about a half cup of half-and-half
2 cloves garlic, diced

Fry bacon and set aside.
In a separate skillet, add a few tablespoons of the bacon grease and about a 1/4 of water.
Over medium to med-high heat, saute scallops about three to four minutes. Drain and set aside.
In a saucepan on medium to med-high heat, add half-and-half and butter. Stir occasionally until butter is melted. Add garlic and parmesan cheese and stir continually until melted. 
Boil noodles until cooked al dente, drain, run cool water through the noodles.

Spoon out alfredo sauce onto noodles, top with scallops and sprinkle with bacon crumbles.

You can add herbs, I would suggest basil... Mmmm!

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